Taxi Dispatcher with iTaxiDispatch

It helps to think about how to improve your business if you are in the taxi business or taxi aggregation. You should consider how you can enhance performance of your business by simplifying the business processes, improve the productivity, monitor bookings, provide quality service by streamlining dispatch process with cutting-edge features, and leverage a plethora of benefits. iTaxiDispatch does all that PLUS  it simplifies taxi booking, taxi fare calculation, advance fare calculation, processing your payment, all very easily and helping to find the location of your passenger, receiving updates, and on reaching destinations using a mobile app with GPS-enabled application.

iTaxiDispatch is better than ever! We are excited to give you the power to manage all your dispatch operations from the powerful taxi suite. We are eager for you to have the platform to amplify your booking & dispatch jobs. iTaxiDispatch is continuously adding new features and enhancing performance of applications in an effort to achieve highly responsive and intuitive platform.

for inquiries please contact info@itaxidispatch

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